Boeing to plastic as the main body of the 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft will be formally approved at the 26 FAA safety certification, expected in September to deliver the first plane to ANA.

Integrated media reported on August 26, after several years of hard work, the U.S. government will announce a new generation of 26 Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Dreamliner) access to safe flight certification.
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (Federal Aviation Administration, referred to as FAA) certification will enable Boeing Company (Boeing) in September to Japan full-Air (All Nippon Airways) to deliver the first aircraft to plastic composites based aircraft.

FAA certification ceremony will be Boeing’s Everett headquarters in Washington.

Alleged Dreamliner will use high-tech materials result in higher energy efficiency and passenger comfort, and now with the original delivery schedule has lagged behind compared to three years, billions of dollars over budget.

Since the orders have already reached 827, the Boeing Dreamliner could be the hottest aircraft in history. Its main body is lightweight carbon fiber, you can save fuel costs for airlines. This synthetic material can bring many improvements for passengers, such as a more comfortable cabin air pressure and more windows.

787 R & D and production process for the use of global supply chain-wide reached unprecedented levels, if properly operated, can significantly reduce production costs. Analysts said that it would completely change the current aircraft manufacturing.

Boeing’s productivity is expected to reach 2013 per month 10 787. However, due to supply chain issues, has led to a number of projects postponed.

It is not clear how long the 787 program can be achieved profitability. Boeing CEO McNerney (Jim McNerney) 6 January that said the project was facing financial problems, but declined to say when you can profit.

He has been referred to, although Boeing from 8 years ago the project has planted a lot of somersault, but it has produced the world’s airlines want to buy and long-term needs of a passenger. Boeing did not disclose the amount of investment of the project.

FAA-certified cause for celebration, but Boeing still faces many challenges. It is a major producer of large passenger aircraft with Washington’s main trade unions are caught in a legal dispute.

International Association of Machinists (International Association of Machinists, referred to as IAM) and the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (National Labor Relations Board) blamed Boeing in South Carolina (South Carolina) to establish a 787 non-union assembly plants in order for the IAM in the past strike the punishment.

Boeing accused in 2008 due to contract dispute 58 days caused by the strike led to the company one of the projects have been delayed, but denied the second assembly line was created out of revenge.

Boeing plans to assemble seven per month in Everett Boeing 787 aircraft, the other three in South Carolina to complete assembly.


“New York Times,” author James b · Stewart (JAMES B. STEWART), wrote today, the article entitled “If you want a seamless transition in the upper, not to consult HP”: for a large technology companies, CEO in the end how important With the world’s largest computer company, Hewlett-Packard neighbors compared to Apple employees, shareholders, directors and successors Cook Jobs must want to find different answers.

Just a year ago, former HP CEO Mark – Hurd on suspicion of sexual harassment, forced to leave the reimbursement is not standardized, the details of which remain a mystery. (The Board considers that there is no evidence of sexual harassment, but Hart is not honest, lost the trust of the board of directors.) Requirements Hart left, voting is not consistent, the HP board there are serious differences, especially after how he left in charge of enterprises, on how to find a new CEO greater differences. HP’s so great, dominant in many markets, so a good profit, Hurd seems dispensable. According to relevant sources of HP’s board, a board member directly told Hurd: “We do not need you.” Or similar words with this.

Under the new leadership, HP actually fear what

Apotheker with HP for “corporate suicide”

On Thursday, HP announced that it is for the personal computer business looking for strategic options, may sell its PC business, HP’s revenue, PC business accounted for one-third. HP also gave up the TouchPad Tablet PC; and announced the acquisition of the UK’s second largest software provider Autonomy, cost of $ 10.3 billion.

HP’s former director of capital veteran Perkins (Tom Perkins) said: “I really did not know the original ‘corporate suicide (corporate suicide)’ such a thing, now I know it does exist. Wanted to be amazing.”

One executive said: “The terms of geography, culture or history, Hewlett-Packard is Silicon Valley. Have a system down so much, so fast I can not think.”

Hart and Apotheker

Hurd did not say another Steve Jobs, Hart is now the president of Oracle. He ruthlessly cut costs, suppress innovation, will dress up as a good CEO, this criticism. However, in the six years he led the Hewlett-Packard, but the undisputed performance: revenue growth of 57% (up to $ 120.4 billion), earnings per share growth of 242%, 130% HP’s stock rose more than $ 45, free cash flow increased 138%, operating margin doubled. April 2010, “Forbes” Hart published the cover article: “He wanted to have it all.”

HP’s board hired Apotheker, the former German software maker SAP CEO, succeeding Hurd as HP CEO. SAP CEO Lee Yi Kegang was served only seven months, and involved with the case of software piracy, it lost $ 1.3 billion for SAP (Apotheker said he was not directly involved), SAP also refused to sign a new contract with him. Moreover, as a software company CEO, he had little experience in hardware, in particular, the core business of HP printers, servers, know very little.

The source said, on January 20 this year, HP announced that four of the directors left, two of them to support Hart, Hart off against. Apotheker is composed of a committee proposed by the five new directors to replace those who leave, would provoke Institutional Shareholder Services (Institutional Shareholder Services, referred to as ISS) criticism. HP ISS that the company violated provisions of the CEO in selecting board members, he should have an independent out of. HP chairman Rann (Ray Lane) that does not break the rules, and that the new elected board members “is not a partner Apotheker … … but because I understand the industry and Apotheker are hard to pick people who we do not know.”

Apotheker strategic subversion strategy Hurd

It took some time to understand the HP operation, Apotheker opened a three-day conference: “HP 2011 high-level meeting”, which on March 14 in San Francisco. Apotheker emphasized that cloud computing and software, including webOS, in the reign of Hurd, HP’s acquisition of Palm and received webOS. Apotheker said that the future will enter the HP webOS each computer, and said HP would ship 100 million devices, equipped with webOS. The strange thing is Apotheker rarely talked about HP’s printer and server division, which contributed half of the two departments to HP profits.

In the reign of Hurd, HP has R & D Tablet PC, against Apple iPad, there are at least two prototypes in the development of a system to use Android, a system using the Windows Phone. HP did not want to sacrifice the relationship with Microsoft, the operating system to compete, but the reason it needs Android product, mainly because a large number of applications to support Android. HP Slate Tablet major enterprise customers face, and Windows Tablet for the consumer market.

Into the hands Apotheker, HP began to introduce new consumer tablet-TouchPad, it uses HP’s own webOS system. However, the lack of webOS program. As a software executive said: “The past three decades, the software economy has been to follow a rule: platform to be successful, a large number of high-quality program. Apotheker is not a consumer, he said: ‘We want to push a converged devices, and work against Steve Jobs’ in my opinion, this little joke. “In June last year’s All Things D conference, Apotheker acknowledge TouchPad not perfect.

February, HP’s results fell short of expectations, May time and lower expectations. Last week, it announced a new higher-than-expected quarterly results just a penny, but the next quarter: lower expectations again.

July 1, HP has just launched TouchPad, only 48 days, Apotheker announced to give up, because of poor sales, and also will not support webOS hardware. Thus, in March of speech does not attack from Apotheker cut.

HP’s PC business is the cornerstone of it

Even more shocking is the HP PC to look for the option. When he announced the spin-off or sell its PC business to consider, they did not say any buyer, plans to acquire companies, which will be placed in the personal computer business of anxiety among employees, HP derailment causes confusion for investors.

Hewlett-Packard spokesman said the HP simply want to clarify things, emphasizing things, the last HP’s PC business may still be retained.

If HP’s PC division to give up, you may lose many synergies, including cost benefits, this strategy may be destroyed by invisible for years. In the Hurd era, PC sector has been the same. However, an HP executive said: “We briefly considered stripping PC.”

Indeed, PC profit margins low, is now only 5.8% level, while the rest 11% corporate. However, considering the Hewlett-Packard’s sales and marketing channels, HP’s PC division can be seen as the cornerstone of other businesses, including servers, software, services to enable HP to cutting through the $ 150 billion infrastructure market, becoming the largest PC makers.

HP’s acquisition of Autonomy: Ford wants to build a plane as

HP also announced the acquisition of UK software provider Autonomy, HP said the move will fundamentally change the company.

A software industry executive, said: “Autonomy has been looking around for buyers.” Reign Hurd, Hewlett-Packard also received an invitation, but he said: “The price is 11 times revenue, no one will do.”

Bernstein Research analyst Isaac Nagy (M. Sacconaghi Jr) said: “The price is too high, this is a bad capital allocation decisions. In my view, it is totally inconsistent with the value.”

For many people, the acquisition means Apotheker and HP will focus primarily on software, both positive and Oracle, SAP and competition, while ignoring the company’s tradition of strong business.

Another software industry executive, said: “This is good 比艾伦穆拉利 left Boeing to join Ford, six months later, Ford said, wants to build a plane.”

Hewlett-Packard spokesman, said some words injustice, she said: “We emphasized in March, to focus on high growth, high margin business, such as enterprise servers and software.”

Ellison unfortunately: Hewlett-Packard board of directors made a big mistake

This week, HP’s stock price down to around $ 25, some analysts say things may turn for the better.

Bernstein analyst Sack Najib said: “It is still undervalued. HP does not go bad to the bone, just a series of business is facing fierce competition, slow growth fills in the S & P 500 index, the HP is the cheapest technology stocks. As long as the conditions are ripe, things will get better: such as performance improvement, leadership change or spin-off success. ”

A year ago, Hart left after Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to “Time” email said: “Since the Apple board of directors of the fool fired Steve Jobs, the HP board of directors made the worst human decision if it is not Joe Adams came back, save, and that decision will ruin Apple. ”

At that time, many people believe that Ellison’s remarks exaggerated the event, now look, but it is not so.

Cook, Apple may have many ideal successor. If Apple’s board and investors that Jobs is easy to replace, they should go visit your neighbors HP.


U.S. stocks closed this week, Apple returned to the global market value of the highest brand capital in the world.

Some analysts had warned that Apple’s stock price high is also hidden risks, which is ultimately subject to the impact of Steve Jobs’s charisma, they believe that if Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO, Apple’s stock price will follow the collapse . But now it seems that their theory is purely imaginary.
While Apple’s stock performance on Thursday looks artsy (stock price fell slightly, but the market index fell more than the entire situation is much less), but Friday’s performance is very clarity, the day Apple’s shares were up 2.64 percentage points, that is $ 9.86, to close at $ 383.58 final.

As a result, Apple after a brief decline again to $ 2.43 billion in benefits beyond the Exxon Mobil to become the world’s highest market capitalization value of the brand. Apple’s current market capitalization of $ 355.61 billion, while Exxon Mobil’s market capitalization was $ 353.18 billion.

And while Apple has also awarded the Tim Cook on Wednesday (Tim Cook), while Apple’s new CEO title, provided him with a phased release of 100 million shares of restricted stock, and assume that these stocks immediately cash in, then its value will be up to 3.8358 billion U.S. dollars. If Cook continues to work for five years at Apple, he will be one of the 50 million shares; and wait for him to do 10 years later, will receive the remaining 50 million shares. Of course, 10 years later, Apple’s stock price would surely be much more high now.



对于台湾智能手机生产商宏达国际电子股份有限公司和韩国三星电子及LG电子等竞争对手来说,苹果在营销方面的任何退步都可能给它们带来机遇。不过,苹 果的零部件销售商有些正是其竞争对手。三星电子为iPad、iPhone和iPod Touch提供芯片,LG电子的子公司LG Display Co.也是iPad的供应商。

  研究咨询机构上海睿析科技(RedTech Advisors)的董事总经理克伦德尼(Michael Clendenin)说,苹果可能不会像以前那么有创新精神,而创新无疑是目前信息科技产业所需的。他说,其它公司以前也曾致力于个人平板电脑的研发,但 乔布斯才是真正提供了适当软件和服务的人,这两者糅合在一起,其意义远超过一台机器;IT业其它公司的问题是它们过于关注机器本身,忽略了内容。




  业内人士还说,没有什么理由认为苹果将会重组其生产商关系。乔布斯钦点CEO继承人、首席运营长库克(Tim Cook),在建立和管理苹果供应商关系的过程中功不可没。

  三星证券(Samsung Securities)分析师Birdy Lu说,苹果是一家成熟的公司;我相信乔布斯将会继续参与关键决策;乔布斯与库克的组合应当有助于苹果维持竞争优势。

  苹果近些年的增长给它的供应商带来了实惠。又名“富士康”(Foxconn)的鸿海是世界最大的电子产品代工商,苹果是其最大的客户之一。鸿海说,它 相信苹果将会继续茁壮成长。这家台湾公司说,鸿海和苹果是长期合作伙伴,我们相信,虽有这次管理层变动,我们将来的关系将会更加紧密。

  鸿海董事长郭台铭(Terry Gou)曾与库克长期密切共事。去年鸿海深圳园区发生员工自杀事件、引起国际关注之后,率领苹果团队前往中国与郭台铭商量补救措施的,正是库克本人。



  但库克曾参与苹果与中国移动有限公司(China Mobile Ltd.)等亚洲关键潜在合作伙伴的谈判,而且投资者似乎也并不担心。在中国内地出售iPhone的中国联合网络通信(香港)股份有限公司(China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd.),周四股价上涨了12%;iPhone和iPad在日本的唯一运营商软银股份有限公司(Softbank Corp.),股价上涨了1.7%。

  东海东京调查中心(Tokai Tokyo Research Center)分析师Yusuke Tsunoda说,苹果产品推动了软银近年的增长,两家公司形成关系的过程中,软银CEO孙正义(Masayoshi Son)与乔布斯之间的私人关系可能发挥了重要作用。他说,苹果可能会决定像在美国一样,也在日本使用多家运营商,这将不利于软银。软银拒绝置评。


12-year-old boy Wu Xiaosong (a pseudonym) was a result of the Internet network sent out of money, then hold a grudge, he found the network’s home track, will be half a bottle of pesticide into the other side is cooking the rice cooker, causing the network couples both died of poisoning. After the incident, Wu Xiaosong be sent to the City did not teach the detention of three years. Yesterday, Yubei three primary schools and the city signed a contract not to teach, help and education, including Wu Xiaosong, including the common “problem youth.”

Yesterday, Wu Xiaosong’s father, choking back tears, told reporters that he lives in Liangping rural areas, very poor, 3 years old son, adopt a child to the village with one pair of couples without children support. In the parents eyes, Wu Xiaosong childhood is very naughty, four years on and off school, and often drop out of school children together with other street in the community, and sometimes even some of the nearby primary schools under the storm, grab their pocket money . As the parents of his lax management, Komatsu has not graduated from primary school to Liangping county street all day with the community’s “Xiongdihuo” mixed, from the sly thing to dry.

One day in early November 2009, Komatsu to the county an Internet cafe, because there is no money, were thrust out of network. “I was vindictive, looking for a chance to revenge him.” Wu Xiaosong, recalled that after next week’s track, he discovered that the name of the home network. One day in mid-November that year, Komatsu home network wide open to take advantage of the machine, slipped into going after the network found a bottle of house windowsill pesticide dimethoate. He then went to the kitchen, poured dimethoate are cooking rice cooker, the resulting network wife both died of poisoning. Wu Xiaosong was subsequently arrested.

Early in December 2009, Wu Xiaosong be sent to the City by the detention is not to teach for three years. According to discipline police briefing, when he had just been sent, a great mood swings, patient assistance and education through the police, he fishes regret his original behavior, that future will be a good transformation, for the early return to society.

Yesterday afternoon, Yubei second High School in Yubei District Experimental Primary School and the back four Hing Centre, to support education in primary schools and teachers not to teach the city signed a two-year agreement to support education counterparts, they will include Wu Xiaosong, etc. people, including the “problem youth” helping education for free.











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